All About Traditional Chinese Herbs

All About Traditional Chinese Herbs

Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years, which is the crystallization of human wisdom. In ancient times, industrious Chinese people discovered the wealth bestowed by nature–Chinese herbs. Since then, people have started using Chinese herbs. After thousands of years of continuous attempts and accumulation of experience, Chinese herbs…

Chinese Herbal Medicine

History of Chinese Herbal Medicine

In China, there is a widely circulated story–Shennong Chang Bai Cao. Shennong is also known as Divine Farmer or Divine Peasant and is the ancestor of the Chinese nation. In prehistoric times, human life was short. Almost all people were suffering from diseases or poisons all their lives. To save…

Five Elements Theory (Wu Xing)

Five Elements Theory (Wu Xing)

Five Elements is also known as Wu Xing, Five Movements, Five Phases, Five Processes, and Five Steps that is a philosophy. It describes the occurrence, development, change and mutual relationship of matter in nature. The meaning of Wu in the Wu Xing is five basic substances (wood, fire, earth, metal,…

Yin and Yang Theory - The Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yin Yang Theory (Basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Yin Yang theory is a philosophy, which originated in ancient China. It describes the connotation of yin and yang and the changing laws of the yin and yang movement. In ancient times, the yin yang theory was used to explain the occurrence, development, and change of things in the universe….

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