Fu Ping (Duckweed or Spirodela Polyrhiza)

Fu Ping is also known as Duckweed or Spirodela polyrhiza, which is a perennial aquatic plant belonging to the Araceae. It has a medicinal history of more than 2,000 years.

This plant often grows in paddy fields, ponds, or other lentic habitats. It is widely distributed in temperate and tropical regions of the world.

Duckweed can be used to feed grass carp, poultry and cattle. The grass carp species feeding on duckweed rarely develop the hepatobiliary syndrome.

From June to September of each year, people gather all parts of Spirodela polyrhiza, wash them with water, remove their impurities, use them directly or dry them in the sun and make them into Chinese herbs. It contains carotene, xanthophyll, orientin, vitexin, flavonoids, and fatty acids.

According to <Shennong Ben Cao Jing>, the medicinal property of Fu Ping is relatively cold, with a pungent taste. It has a certain therapeutic effect on the pathological changes of the lung and bladder meridians.

In Chinese medicine, Fu Ping is often used to promote eruptions and treat fever without sweat caused by colds, edema, and dysuria.

Health benefits of Fu Ping (Duckweed)

  • Bacteriostatic, anti-infective, and anticoagulant effects.
  • Enhancing heart function, constricting blood vessels and raising blood pressure.
  • Promoting the full outbreak of rash and relieving itching of the skin.
  • Promoting urination and eliminating edema.
  • Releasing pulmonary qi, promote sweat gland secretion and relieving fever without sweat caused by colds.
  • Treating acute nephritis, acute jaundice hepatitis, and chronic hepatitis.
  • Treating acne, eczema, erysipelas, urticaria, and rubella.

Fu Ping is used with other Chinese herbs

Side effects of Fu Ping

Fu Ping has been used clinically for many years, with almost no side effects.

Precautions of Fu Ping

  • The dosage of Fu Ping should be controlled at 3-10g.
  • It can be made into an oral decoction or be used to soak and wash the affected part.
  • People with blood deficiency or dry skin should not take it.
  • People with exterior deficiency or spontaneous sweating should not take it.